The (CALL TO FRIENDSHIP) Association, which Kozmoz wishes to be established on this platform due to the position of (TURKEY OF ANATOLIA) that is currently within the Reflection Aura of the ALPHA Magnetic Field, is in fact a Universal Focal Point of the World Unification Project.

The Call to Friendship Project is a program of EXPANSION to the entire World Planet. Everyone in our World who has been trained through the Sacred Suggestions and thus attained Cosmic Consciousness until this Final Age has been given messages of (Friendship – Brotherhood – Peace – Love – Acceptance – Unification) as of the beginning of the 20th Century, as a necessity of the Law of (SERVICE TO THE HUMAN BEING)

Those who were able to receive these messages have established their Schools of Thought with the Knowledge they received from their own dimensions and thus shed light on Humanity. However, since it is imperative that these Consciousnesses from now on take into effect a MACRO Reflection System by a Collective Consciousness Unification as a necessity of the Law of Service to the (SINGLE), this Association has been established to make (Calls to Friendship) to Humanity having attained Consciousness.

The (Call to Friendship Association) will bring together people who have Served Successfully on this Universal path until today and whom the System has previously chosen specifically.

The work to be done and the conferences to be held at this Focal Point will be the first Conscious Applications that the MACRO Consciousnesses who come here will present to the World Planet. This is the reason why the World Unification Project has been taken into effect and the why the Association has been established. For your Knowledge.

Yiğit Emon


World Unification Congress-III


World Unification Congress-II